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For removing ferritic material from drilling fluids by using a grid of strong neodymium magnet rods in a defined pattern with integrated spoilers for disrupting laminar flow around the magnet rods.


  • Can be placed in flow divider and flow-line before or after shakers​

  • Calculated to maximize the magnetic field within the frame.​

  • Light weight. Easy installation without hot work within a half shift.​

  • Internal scrapers for easy removal of waste.​

  • Up to 12000 gauss on clean rod surface​

  • Custom made frame for various applications​

  • Reduced wear on downhole tools as MWD/ LWD/motors/3D drilling tools etc.​

  • Removes significantly more magnetic debris than the conventional systems​

  • Reduced wear on surface equipment​

- Reduced service intervals on mud pumps​

- Reduced wear on surface piping​

- Extend life on shaker screens​

  • Detection of casing / drill string wear​

- By monitoring variances in the amount of collected ​

  • magnetic waste material. ​

  • Successfully applied in field applications.

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