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Please find below our Product Information, Papers, Policies, Code of Conduct and other important information about Jagtech products for you to download.

Learn the value investing in our products


Flyer DUAL MAPS System

Pre engineerd custom magnet system for removing of Magnetic Contamination in Drilling Fluid down to 0,5 ppm


Flyer Single MAPS System

Powerfull 12000 Gs Ditch Magnets for easy instalation and handling at competive cost


Flyer Dual MAPS Cleaning Cabinet

Semi Automatic Cleaning Cabinet for cleaning Dual MAPS rods in a HSE environment


Paper SPE-195721-MS

Removal of Magnetic Metallic Contamination – Improved Drilling FluidPerformance

Sheargun_final_Camera_Camera 2.png

Flyer Dual Shear Gun

Hige Performance Drilling Fluid Shearing and Jet Mixing in one System. Field test proven ES value of 741


Paper JERT-20-1769

Efficient Removal of Magnetic Contamination From Drilling Fluids: The Effect on Directional Drilling

Code of Ethics
Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility
Enviromental Policy
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