Dual Variable

Shear Gun

For conditioning and re-vitalization of used drilling fluid for preventing segregation of drilling fluid compounds and precipitation of weight material. Designed for use inline in drilling fluid process lines, both onshore and offshore. Suitable for container / skid mounting for on hook use both in transportation and storage of drilling fluid.


  • High pressure. Input pressure rated to 1000 bar.​

  • Suitable for both oil- and water-based drilling fluid.​

  • Double capacity. Double nozzle, capacity varies based on pressure drop settings.​

  • Self regulation / adjustable pressure drop. Automatic regulated pressure drop.​

  • Preset and defined pressure drop based on mud type and shear grade.​

  • Active pressure reading from both inlet and outlet side of nozzle.​

  • Active temperature reading on fluid. ​

  • Pre-mixing chamber. Corse mixing in chamber before nozzle.​

  • Low noise. Integrated sound damper with wolfram carbide lining for low wear.​

  • Additional mixing inlet nozzles. 6x Ø10 inlet nozzles for additives for inline mixing.​

  • Fluid impact mixing. Drilling fluid jet collision mixing ​between nozzles.