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Jagtech Services provide Offshore an Onshore Survey, Engineering, Design, Hook up, Instalation and Operation of Dual Shear Gun to support clients with efificient drilling fluid shearing for your drilling operation, fluid transportation or fluid mixing facility

We can also support in Engineering Studies


Onshore or offshore Survey with report and solution

Fixed or External Set up

Rental or Puchase

Engineering, Hook up, instalation, and pump operation

Why do you need proper drilling fluid shearing?

There are many factors that can affect the degree of emulsifcation, such as suspended solids, viscosity profile, temperature, and pressure. In many cases large volumes of oil-based drilling fluids are mixed without proper and adequate shearing, causing the oil to separate and weight material setling (sagging). For mixing and homogenisation require strong shear fields, strong elongational fields or preferably a combination of both, and high energy mixing is also important for water based fluid

Dual Shear Gun (DSG) is constructed to provide a mixture of strong elongational and shear flow fields and thus, efficiently mix and shear drilling fluid volume. It will optimize your drilling fluid properties for optimal drilling progress with immediate stable viscous parameters. Freshly sheard drilling fluid can be applied directly into the well operation when our Dual Shear Gun is implemented on the rig.

Expect reduction in wellbore construction time due to avoiding fluid circulation thrue drill bit only to condition the drilling fluid.

Desgined for all type of Drilling Fluids

Dual Shear Gun

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