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Jagtech AS  is your preferred patner in delivering innovative custom specified technologies for the Global Oil & Gas industry. Today we have developed our MAPS System, MAPS Cleaning Cabinet, MAPS FTU and Dual Shear Gun, that has proven to save rig NPT and increase drilling performance. Please read more about or key products below and dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would send us an inquiry. We are looking forward to hear from you


 Dual Maps System is a patented preengineerd magnetic active particle seperator used as a field positioned ditch magnet system. Its proven to be over 5 times more effective than traditional flowline magnets. Our magnet rods comes in Titanium for high durability, has over 12000 Gauss peak strenght on MUD exposed rod surface, mounted in a defined pattern for optimal magnetic grid and designed to cover 100% of the flow. The system removes swarf and magnetic particles down to 0,5 micro and the rods are very easy to clean with the integrated wiper/scraper.  


Dual MAPS system is field proven and commercially installed on multiple offshore rigs and will significantly improve your drilling efficiency and performance.

- Improved Directional Drilling Accuracy

- Reduced Downhole Tool Failure

- Reduced Wear on Equipment

- Reduced NPT


"Increased Drilling performance & Efficiency will give you less NPT, reducing your cost and carbon emission"

Cleaning Cabinet

We developed our Dual MAPS Cleaning cabinet to clean magnetic rods in a controlled HSE environment. Reducing cleaning time, manhandling and exposure to Drilling Fluid.  Air operated. Can be used in ATEX Zone


"Keep operator safe, reduce exposure to drilling fluid" 

DUAL shear gun

The Jagtech™ Dual Shear Gun is a combined shearing and mixing device. For oil or synthetic based fluids you will assure maximum Electrical Stability and obtain a stabile emulsion with reduced sagging.  When the drilling fluid passes through the opposing high-pressure nozzles and collapse in the mixing chamber due to the sudden reduction in pressure, the droplets implode, generating dynamic shear and fine particle dispersion.  For water-based drilling fluids the same processes will disperse chemicals and remove fisheyes.

Field test gave ES value of 741 @ 50°C

Sheargun_final_Camera_Camera 2.png

"You want high performance shearing and mixing in one easy system"




Benefits using our Products




Optimal drilling fluid condition is an important key factor for a successful and cost efficient drilling operation.  To ensure such fluid conditions, optimal solids control processes and proper mixing abilities are vital.

JAGTECH product line is designed for highly efficient removal of magnetic particles and fluid conditioning.  The focus is on efficient user friendly, easy installed, customized installations both for new rigs and retrofit to existing process equipment on older installations with the following benefits



Improved directional drilling

• Reduced shielding of down hole compasses

Improved logging

• Improved signal to noise ratio because of less

   metal particles in the fluid

• Less agglomeration in downhole tools

REDUCED operating cost

Reduced NPT

  • Less interference with downhole tools

  • Improved tool lifetime

  • Improved lifetime of pump liners and pistons


tool failure​

Improved lifetime of down hole turbines and motors

Improved lifetime of signal transmission systems



Reduced content of swarf


Removal of small particles that can

cause corrosion

Reduced wear and tear on equipment​


Engineering and product development​

Research and development​



Project Management​

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