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Fully automatic MAPS

cleaning system​

Fully automatic cleaning system for MAPS installations. Customized for retrofit to existing installations and standard unit for new installations. Based on known robotic solutions. Developed and designed to meet customers demand for fully automatic process control and HSE for operators and personnel.


  • ATEX Zone 1, category IIB​

  • IP 65​

  • Bosch Rexroth step-motor and linear guides​

  • No need for personnel during operation​

  • Easy installation. No hot work.​

  • Retrofit for existing MAPS installations​

  • Adaptive and scalable for various installations​

  • Pneumatic operated gripper claw​

  • Pneumatic operated clamp system for cleaning rods​

  • Automatic weighting of removed waste​

  • Logging of removed waste​

  • Adjustable cycle time​

  • Alarm for deviation based on expected waste weight​

  • Adaptive to rig control system via bus communication​

  • Default 7 min. cleaning cycle time pr. magnetic rod.​

  • Self adjusting cleaning cycle time based on weight of​removed waste

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